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Important Details

What If Local Demand Does Not Work?

Even if payment has not been initially recovered, Gruman Worldwide will by now have current, local information on the debtor – a good idea of their attitude, condition, and the collectibility of the case. Local counsel will report this, and advise as to any future action. We quote and guarantee fees and costs in advance of any recommended legal action. The client will have the benefit of detailed recommendations from the Gruman corporate office before making a decision. The client has total control: to bring suit or not. If the client decides not to proceed, and not to advance litigation costs, they may drop the case without any additional expenses on closing the file.


How Safe Is The Money?

Gruman Worldwide guarantees safe remittance of all funds collected from the debtor. Local counsel is a Gruman sub-contractor, and Gruman Worldwide is totally responsible. Since 1978, in over 30,000 cases, no Gruman client has ever suffered a loss of any collected funds.


Choice Of Currency

In most cases, the client can choose the currency for remittances: the currency at point of collection, or at point of payment. Client can receive collections, paid into their banking network, or we will see to the conversion and repatriation of the remittance, as the client directs.

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